Employment Law

Employment law covers a broad range of issues for both employers and employees. The High Law Firm provides legal help for both corporations and individuals regarding employment issues. Issues may include disputes in wages, an unsafe work environment, contract disagreements, discrimination, wrongful determination and more. If you’re facing an employment issue, turn to the High Law Firm. They are experienced and will let you know all of your options.

Advice on Employment Decisions: Attorney Terence High

Attorney Terence High can help employers make smart decisions when it comes to employees, especially if you’re considering firing an employee for performance problems or misconduct. He can help employers minimize the risk of a lawsuit in the following circumstances:

  • Implied employment contract limiting the right to fire
  • Allegations of illegal activity in the workplace
  • Employee retirement money, stock options, or benefits due to vest shortly
  • A complaint of harassment or discrimination
  • Employee sabotage, vandalism or violence
  • Firing for excessive absences and complications with the Family and Medical Leave Act or Americans with Disabilities Act

Legal Help for Employees: The High Law Firm

Workers in the United State are protected by various complex regulations and laws. Often, employees are not aware of their rights in the workplace and may be mistreated or taken advantage of. The High Law Firm helps employees realize their rights and possible legal actions. They are committed to getting you the money you deserve and holding employers accountable for any wrongdoing. Attorney Terence High can help protect employee rights in many areas of employment law, including:

  • Sexual harassment
  • Wrongful demotion or termination
  • Pregnancy discrimination
  • Disability discrimination
  • Age discrimination
  • Fair Employment and Housing Act
  • Overtime, meal and break pay claims
  • Whistle blowing and retaliation

There are many issues that can arise when on the job. It may be overtime collection, unlawful termination, workplace violence or job harassment. If you fall into a protected class, your termination just may be unlawful. You may also be taken advantage of when it comes to overtime or experiencing harassment due to race, color or religion. Whatever the case, the High Law Firm is there to protect your rights under the law.