Criminal Law

Being charged with a crime is a serious matter and a stressful time. With potential consequences, such as jail time, loss of employment, hefty fines and loss of freedom, there’s a lot at stake. Turn to the Law Firm of Firm of Terence High for the best legal defense and outcome. Attorney Terence High works closely with his clients to ensure that their rights are upheld under the law and that his clients are treated during the criminal process. With years of experience as a criminal defense attorney, he’s an excellent legal advocate to have in your corner.

Criminal Charges: Attorney Terence High

Whether or not the alleged criminal charges against you have any merit, the criminal justice system does not allow for any mistakes for any mistakes on behalf of the defense. Don’t be left alone to navigate the complex justice process due to a criminal charge. There is extensive paperwork, pleading and possible court trials, and a simple mistake can lead to unfortunate circumstances. With attorney Terence High at your side, the legal obstacles will be overcome. Take advantage of hiring attorney Terence High, and there won’t be any legal hitches.

Benefits of Hiring Attorney Terence High

Attorney Terence High takes the time to understand your case, evaluate the situation and develop a plan to take the needed actions to facilitate the best outcome. He also has experience in the different court districts and local law. Not only will he provide you with skilled representation but wise representation.

Even if you are innocent, it’s possible that you can be convicted or given a jail sentence. Prosecutors are aggressive and brutal in building their cases against alleged criminals and will advocate for the heaviest penalty possible. Attorney Terence High will work hard to ensure that you are acquitted of false charges and protected from unfair sentencing if you plead guilty or are found guilty.

Attorney Terence High always does a comprehensive investigation into the alleged crime. This includes a crime scene investigation, speaking with witnesses and talking with law enforcement. He is also experienced in evaluating evidence, such as DNA, ballistic reports and video. He will also work with the prosecution to mitigate the charges and will let you know the pros and cons of accepting a plea.

If the case does go to trial, he will defense witnesses and evidence exhibits prepared for the judge and jury. And if for any reason, the outcome isn’t favorable, he will quickly file an appeal. Let his experience work for you.