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When you need legal help, you need a lawyer who isn’t afraid of hard work and who works until the job gets done. But you also want someone with compassion because you’re likely going through a challenging and emotional time in your life. You also need someone who can talk to you with you in plain English about the legal process. That’s what you get when you work with Attorney Terence L. High and his team at The High Law Firm PLLC.

Your Trusted Jackson Attorney: The High Law Firm PLLC

As an attorney who’s experienced in handling personal injury, family law, employment law and criminal law cases, he’s helped hundreds of Mississippi clients get the results they’re searching for whether it be compensation for an injury, damages for something that happened in the workplace or making sure that a divorce was settled quickly and fairly. He understands that no sum of money will make your situation go away, but it will help you to move on and start a new chapter of your life. We’re committed to helping you get the maximum compensation for your situation in personal injury and employment law cases. Family law cases, specifically divorce, can be challenging in that you’re likely having to face painful memories while putting a close to a former part of your life. We guide you through the process and aim to get you the proper settlement for your situation, no matter what it is.

Our Mission

At The High Law Firm PLLC we strive to help our clients overcome the legal challenges that they face and represent them to the best of our ability. You have many rights as a citizen of the United States of America but if your case isn’t handled properly, you may lose some of them. We have invested years of our life into education and research so that we can provide you world-class service for your legal needs. Attorney High only works with cases that fall in a few areas of the law; he’s not a general practice attorney. He can serve you much better since he focuses on just personal injury law, employment law, criminal law and family law.

Work With Attorney High

Attorney High is here to help whenever you need. Contact him today to set up an initial consultation and learn how we can help you with your legal needs.